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Top 5 Home Improvements That Pay Off

When you start to consider remodeling your home, there are many factors that come into play. While you do take


The Value of Walkable Cities

What makes a city so desirable? These days it’s a high walking score. Walkable cities have become more and more sought after. The commuting era is on the decline and multi-family homes, work-live spaces, and dual-use properties are on the rise.


Architecture & Fashion: A Seamless Connection

With the grand scale of architecture and the delicate features of clothing, how is it possible for these two seemingly different art forms to be connected? When you start with the basic elements of design – line, color, shape, and form, to name a few – it’s no surprise that these art forms often draw inspiration from one another. Let’s take a deeper look at the connections and learn about some of the leading designers who impacted both realms.


5 Design Trends From The 90’s Making Their Comeback

There have been a lot of debates over 90’s trends lately. It had us thinking about some of our favorite 90’s styles that we pull a lot of our inspirations from or admire.


Modern Design: Indoor/Outdoor Living

Nothing beats the smell of fresh air, hearing the birds sing, and feeling the warmth of the sun. Especially if that all happens while you’re enjoying the comfort of your home. As open layouts have progressed, indoor-outdoor living has become popular in modern architecture. The design concept helps flood your space with natural light and increases living space when the doors are open.

Contemporary Kitchen Design

Why We Love Contemporary Kitchens

Sleek but warm, modern but classic – Contemporary kitchens are a design treat. This design style is one of our


Our Modern Take On A Classic Design Staple

Our modern design on the classic divider is this contemporary wood screen. This design can be used in a variety of ways from physical barriers to a simple wall application. Both create clear divisions without losing space or blocking natural light.