How Shipping Container Homes Are Transforming The Architectural Space

Shipping Container Home

There are several benefits of shipping containers; however, one benefit is often overlooked –  they can easily be repurposed into homes! Each year, approximately 300,000 new shipping containers enter the scene. Out of all the 16+ million containers that exist in the world, only 30% of them are being used to transport goods. While they can be easily recycled and the steel reused, why add to the growing landfill and recycling crisis when we could solve another – homelessness.

Shipping containers are an incredible resource. They are built strong, tall, wide, and to last. By adding basic finishes like insulation, flooring, and windows, these containers, previously rendered useless, can help provide shelter and protection for those in need. They are strong enough to withstand natural disasters and can be made to fit various living situations, both on and off the grid. They can also be deployed quickly to create emergency shelters for natural disaster survivors.

Recycled shipping containers are ideal for both residential and commercial projects. Shipping container homes are relatively inexpensive to build compared to more traditional construction methods, especially during times of rising lumber costs. Their size makes them incredibly versatile. They can be used to build small projects, like backyard offices or guest houses, and can be built into something much larger, like entire apartment buildings or villages. The architectural options are endless, each design resulting in an eco-friendly and affordable design.

Container homes are transforming the residential building market. Customizing shipping containers create homes that look like no other. Using a number of containers, you can create unique floor plans with an industrial or modern design feel. The low cost of containers allows for extra play and custom designing when it comes to interior design. The modular aspect allows you to expand your home with your growing family or needs.

In 2018 alone, over 600 million tons of construction debris were created. It’s become increasingly important to use sustainable materials in every aspect of our lives, including construction. The price and quality of these containers allow us to rethink home building. With shipping containers, we can create affordable housing, build durable emergency shelters, and eliminate excessive construction debris. This knowledge has led to a series of projects on the horizon for 7 Designs + Development. 

We plan to combine the overproduction of containers with the need of homeless and emergency shelters. Along with homelessness in the US, we hope to create an efficient system of building and sending containers to refugee camps and villages in other countries. 

We would also love to create small communities and high-rises with shipping containers for mid-level income communities. This would include creating entire walkable centers with mixed zoning areas to allow for homes, offices, retail, and even emergency services.

Lastly, we hope to incorporate containers into our custom residences and commercial buildings. Containers create the perfect blank canvas and allow for endless customization, high-end finishes, and a completely one-of-a-kind look. We’re excited to get started on these projects and hope you follow along for new announcements!