5 Design Trends From The 90’s Making Their Comeback

There have been a lot of debates over 90’s trends lately. It had us thinking about some of our favorite 90’s styles that we pull a lot of our inspirations from or admire. Design is constantly recycling and evolving. We are always looking forward to what comes next while being thankful for the styles that got us to where we are now. Yes, that even means thanking inflatable furniture!

Inflatable Furniture

Love it or leave it, it’s here and there’s nothing you can do about it. Inflatable furniture is back! We’re not talking about the flimsy blue chair with the flowers on it, we’re talking about these pieces of art by Mojow. Placing these in any room modernizes and brightens an area. These eye-catchers will definitely give your guests something to talk about.

Neutrals and Light Wood

Neutral colors, soft and minimal elements with a focus on the wood floors. This 90’s interior design styleis modernized with sleeker furniture and minimal pieces of art. The relaxed and calming environment is something we like to incorporate into our designs.

Clashing Colors and Textures

Loud and contrasting prints, bold colors, and uncomfortable fabrics came to a rolling boil by the 90’s. We might look back at photos and cringe but this style still lives on in all types of design, just much more thought out (thankfully). Updated by modern colors and prints, this eclectic design style leaves the owners with unique and one of a kind designs.

Jewel Tones

I like to think that in one way or another, these tones never go out of style. These rich colors have a way of completely transforming and owning a space. Each tone brings a specific mood that helps elevate and complete the atmosphere. These tones can be the main attraction or just subtle pops of color but whichever way you go, you can’t really go wrong.


Not every design in the 90’s was plastered with neon and checkers. In fact, some designs were on the complete opposite end of the spectrum – Zen Minimalism. Our interior design style is often contemporary and minimal. But we can thank this 90’s trend for bringing to light the importance of a calm space to let the good company be the focus!

What are some of your favorite past design trends that are coming back in style?