Top 5 Home Improvements That Pay Off

When you start to consider remodeling your home, there are many factors that come into play. While you do take inspiration from your preferred style, you also consider how it will affect the resale value of your home. Here are some of the top improvements you can make that will help increase the value.

Add Square Footage
Did you know you probably have a couple of hundred extra square feet hiding in your home? There are so many ways to add extra space! From turning half-baths to full baths, creating a private suite, enclosing an outdoor dining area, to even converting an atrium! Adding extra square footage is a sure way to add value.

In this home, we added over 600 square feet! We converted the 3rd-floor atrium into a full recreational space with an in-home gym, kitchenette, living space, and a full bath. We also enclosed a sunroom to make additional space for a dining room. You can view more of that project here.

Curb appeal
Minor improvements on the face of your home can help raise the value! Simple cosmetic upgrades like freshening the exterior paint color, modernizing garage doors, creating a bold front door, and adding attractive landscaping can make a huge difference.

Open Floor Plan
A fast way to modernize your home is to knock down some walls! Creating an open floor plan allows for more visual square footage. It’s been shown that homes with an open floor plan appreciate over 7 percent a year!

Energy-efficient windows and appliances
Switching to energy-efficient windows, appliances and even adding solar panels not only add a tremendous amount of value to your home but also help you save money! Potential buyers are willing to spend over $8,000 more on a home with energy-efficient windows and appliances because it can help them save over $1,000 each year.

For many Southern California residents, outdoor living spaces are a must! Why wouldn’t we want to take advantage of the amazing year-round sun and breeze? Creating an outdoor living or dining room not only adds to the value of your home but also increases your quality of life by spending more time outdoors!

In this home on the left, we built an outdoor kitchen with a grill and firepit seating. Another home also included the installation of a firepit and space for enjoying the pool. Both allow the residents a beautiful place to watch the sunset and gather with friends and family. 

Upgrading your home allows you to create the home of your dreams AND comes with a nice payoff at the end! What kind of changes are you looking to make in your home?