Our Modern Take On A Classic Design Staple

Dividers have been used for centuries to separate rooms, provide privacy, and bring an element of design to a space. Over time, the styles have changed with the trends but the screen itself has stood the test of time. 

At 7Designs+Development, we believe that all parts of a design are a whole. From the exterior shell to the interior layout, all the way to the art hanging on the walls – everything should be connected and flow together. It’s important in our designs to create a clear division between spaces but still allow for an open space concept. We have combined our love for connection and openness to create our own take on dividers and screens.

Our modern design on the classic divider is this contemporary wood screen. This design can be used in a variety of ways from physical barriers to a simple wall application. Both create clear divisions without losing space or blocking natural light.

 Attaching the screen to the wall breaks up the room and creates designated areas while maintaining an open layout. The wall attachments are beautiful on their own but also provide a unique space to add art or decorative pieces.

You can view how the wood dividers complete a space by checking out these projects

What are your thoughts on dividers and screens?