Modern Design: Indoor/Outdoor Living

Nothing beats the smell of fresh air, hearing the birds sing, and feeling the warmth of the sun. Especially if that all happens while you’re enjoying the comfort of your home.  As open layouts have progressed, indoor-outdoor living has become popular in modern architecture. The design concept helps flood your space with natural light and increases living space when the doors are open. 

It is common for trends to reflect what is happening in our lives and a pandemic is no exception. Many people have transitioned from living on-the-go to living and working at home. People are starting to update their living spaces as working from home becomes more permanent, even post-pandemic.

Indoor spaces start to meld with landscape design.  This adds greenery and visual square footage to your home. It brings dining and living outdoors and creates a comfortable space for guests and families to gather. 

This design style is well-loved for both residential and commercial design. Restaurants have evolved their outdoor seating by adding bars and tables that are half inside and half outside.  The doors and windows that connect the spaces are a design element in themselves and help with the atmosphere of the restaurant. 

In Southern California, we are fortunate to enjoy these modern designs year-round. We look forward to implementing it more and more into our designs.  Call us for a free consultation to explore what an indoor-outdoor living space would look like in your home.