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Convert the 3rd-floor atrium in your home to usable space! We can turn existing non-usable space into quality, functioning rooms. Explore this Irvine residence where we added a dining room on the first level, as well as, a 3rd-floor expansion. Altogether, we added 670 square feet to this home! This not only creates a functional and fun space to gather for the family but increases the resell value of the home by 15%! What are you missing from your home?

1st-Floor Expansion

  • Added full dining room off of the kitchen.
  • Created seamless indoor/outdoor living.
  • Built outdoor living space and landscape design.

1st Floor Bedroom Conversion

  • Converted downstairs bedroom to private living space.
  • This conversion created a living room, bedroom, and full bathroom.

3rd-Floor Addition

This 3rd-floor addition allowed the homeowners space for

  • an in-home gym
  • a recreation area
  • kitchenette
  • living space
  • half bath to full bath

Streamline The Process

We are a design-build firm.

We take care of the design, engineering, permitting, and construction. By providing each of these services, we can streamline your project to help save time and money without sacrificing quality.

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We are a design-build firm. We take care of everything from design and permitting to engineering and construction. The combination of services allows for a more streamlined process and helps you save money by working with one firm compared to multiple.

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